Who we are

ID International collaborates with Industrial Plants in Maintenance activities, making available of all its techniques and expertise, in a joint mission, thus generating a constant contribution to decision making and the solution deployment in productivity rise and cost reduction through an objectives and continuous improvement program.

Solutions and Applications

Vibration Analysis

The vibration analysis is one of the most important techniques from the mechanical side; it makes it possible to assess the dynamic behavior of the equipment, finding the main cause of the fault, if present, studying the characteristic frequencies of the system in advance and then comparing the collected data and signals to those characteristics…

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Infrared Thermography

The Infrared Thermography is a technique, which permits the human eye to see through the infrared spectrum. By acquiring thermal images, we can estimate the temperature of any exposed points and make a thermal analysis of the systems under study. We can compare them to similar equipment and previous conditions, assuming that any change of…

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Lubricants analysis

The condition of the lubricants and operative components can be monitored, keeping certain parameters under observation: Physical and Chemical properties, Chemical degradation, Wear of the mechanical components, Contamination.
Thanks to the monitoring of these parameters, we can make the right decisions, maintaining adequate working condition of lubrication and hydraulic systems…

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Laser Alignment / Balancing of rotors

Precision Maintenanceoptimizes initial working conditions of any piece of equipment; minimizing misalignment between the components and residual imbalances in mechanical components, complying with every standard tolerance. ransmission Shafts Alignment (Couplings, Pulleys, etc) reduces the stress suffered by the coupled components usually translated in increased wear of belts…

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3D Surveys

High precision alignment of every component directly in contact with the product is commonly requested in different kind of plants. These alignments can only be accurate when proper laser survey equipment is used. This equipment allows proper virtual/physical references to be defined (production flow axe or planes), to compare every relevant system to this references…

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During the last years, the detections of ultrasound waves have been developed considerably in the industrial world, allowing “to listen” working machines in spite of the noises of the environment, becoming a powerful and versatile technique of the Condition Monitoring…

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PredittivElectric predictive maintenance on Engines

In collaboration with other business partners, we are able to offer testing and inspections to assess the health of the critical Electric Motors in your plants. Thanks to the combination of static and dynamic testing, a complete evaluation of can be performed every monitored unit, ensuring reliability and availability, and minimizing following repair costs…

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Non-destructive Testing

Thanks to the Non-destructive Testing and to the application of standardized methods and particular tools to value the severity and extension of every present defect, several types of volumetric or superficial irregularities can be detected…

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Our services can have a significant impact and added value in all the industrial and manufactory sectors, such as: oil, petrochemical, mining, steel, metal mechanics, chemical, alimentary, cement, paper, graphic, power…

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Software GAM

An own-developed Software that monitors continuously each machine or system under control. Thanks to its flexibility, the user can integrate the every CMMS or EAM system (SAP, Maximo, Oracle, etc), through operative interfaces dedicated and developed by our collaborators…

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Online Monitoring Systems

Our company can design, install and develop systems for vibration monitoring and further online applications with innovative technologies for dynamic variables measuring in rotating machines. Relying on the experience of the company Measurement Technologies Inc…

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Off-line Monitoring Systems

Installation of fixed sensors for the monitoring of systems difficult to access, defining previously the most significant points and variables to measure in every machine, and identifying the appropriate monitoring frequencies according to the working system and critical issues…

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ID International works with major economic groups in the following industries:
Agriculture, Food, Cement, Cereals – Oil seeds , Chemical, Paper, Petrochemical, Petroleum , Ironworks, Steel industry.

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