The vibration analysis is one of the most important techniques from the mechanical side; it makes it possible to assess the dynamic behavior of the equipment, finding the main cause of the fault, if present, studying the characteristic frequencies of the system in advance and then comparing the collected data and signals to those characteristics.

VA allows us to identify the precise root cause of different plant problems and monitor its trend confidently, considering that in the current industrial world, it is not enough to say you have a problem, nor even understand what the problem is, it is in fact necessary to monitor the trend to take action at the right time.

Regular vibration analysis, like all the techniques in Condition Monitoring, gives considerable benefits to detect the failure and define the admissible threshold. The data trends of every equipment, together with the experience of our qualified and certified staff, gives the tools to refine these thresholds to values corresponding to the real operating condition of the monitored components (even though standards exist which provide guidelines for an initial assessment).

We do perform spot or periodical measurements using both portable data collector and fixed monitoring systems, On-Line and Off-Line, depending on your requests.

Liv II – III ISO 18436