The Asset Management in your plants is the fundamental of our company, and for this very same reason we have developed a software called GAM (General Asset Management) that centralize the development all our applied techniques.

Software GAM

An own-developed Software that monitors continuously each machine or system under control.

Thanks to its flexibility, the user can integrate the every CMMS or EAM system (SAP, Maximo, Oracle, etc), through operative interfaces dedicated and developed by our collaborators.

The main properties of the system are:

  • The management by Hierarchical Tree Structure of the results of each measurement and inspection done, keeping data trends for each component of every machine and system under control, concerning each technique.
  • Planning of controls and inspections, keeping the defined frequencies.
  • Automatic creation of Work Orders, where costs, labors, external activities, materials, replacements are detailed
  • Creation of Reports dedicated to each aspect of the service.
  • Creation of the cost analysis bound to every level of the hierarchical tree and calculation of different maintenance indicator (KPIs), like: MTBF, MTTR, DISP, ATBF, TBF, ICD, MAO, CR.

Online Monitoring Systems

Our company can design, install and develop systems for vibration monitoring and further online applications with innovative technologies for dynamic variables measuring in rotating machines.

Relying on the experience of the company Measurement Technologies Inc, we offer a versatile service with personalized technology, signal monitoring and analysis, real-time signal management, identifying significant dynamic variations in the machine, executing a complete check and finding the root cause.

Off-line Monitoring Systems

Installation of fixed sensors for the monitoring of systems difficult to access, defining previously the most significant points and variables to measure in every machine, and identifying the appropriate monitoring frequencies according to the working system and critical issues.