Bearing Lubrication Monitoring

he lubrication of bearings has become a fundamental supporting operation for maintenance crews, often poorly done (over or under lubrication) in addition to wrong lubricant intervals and dosage.
Based on the assumption that the bearing’s lubrication should be done only when required (in equipment under a condition monitoring program), the effectiveness of the lubrication can be granted by the simultaneous monitoring of the levels of vibrations or ultrasound during Grease Re-Lubrications.

Internal Components Inspection

In addition to the results obtained with the condition monitoring techniques, the periodical inspection of the critical components increases the confidence on the equipment health. Using Videoscopic Probes to get to difficult access points, we can check the good condition of every critical component, like simple Cooling Piping and complex Gearboxes.

Failures analysis

In case of significant and recurring failures, we analyze what happened, studying trends of monitored data (if present), employing different techniques of material analysis (chemical, metallographic, microscopic, hardness, probes inspections) to correct errors and deviations from initial design: material selection, manufacturing defects, inspection oversights, poor storage and/or transport, poor mounting or maintenance practices. In this way, we avoid the same problem to happen again in the future, saving time and economic resources, and safety risks that might cause potential accidents.

Dynamic Control of Continue Casting Oscillators (Steel Plants)

Many years of experience and collaboration with maintenances crews in Steel Shop Plants, gave us the opportunity to develop a successful method for the dynamic valuation of Mold Oscillators, one of the most critical quality-related component in Continuous Casting products, comparing measured to theoretical conditions of every system.

Torque and Power Measurements (Strain Gauges)

Planning and performing the measurements and analysis of Torque & Power on rotating and static machines by the use of Strain Gauges. These analyses check admissible conditions for the most critical components in the plant when subjected to the maximum operatives load.