Our services can have a significant impact and added value in all the industrial and manufactory sectors, such as:

  • oil
  • petrochemical
  • mining
  • steel
  • metal mechanics
  • chemical
  • alimentary
  • cement
  • paper
  • graphic
  • power

Services for maintenance

We perform our Condition Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance services in all the plants where maintenance plays a key role in Operation Management, therefore any industry where every shutdown must be scheduled and minimized, and where unexpected downtime in some systems can undermine the availability of the plant.

Vibrations / Lubricants / Thermography / Ultrasounds

Services for the quality and production

Our techniques can improve the quality of the product in different industries, optimizing working conditions and tolerances of the systems directly involved in the manufacturing process.

Thermography / 3D Surveys / Vibration

Services for the security

In addition to the increased availability and reliability of the plants, the implementation of our techniques to the improvement and verification of safety conditions has become quite common where restricted safety standards and rules are to be complied.

CND / Thermography / Vibrations / Ultrasounds